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My driving and I

So today, I assisted a lady reverse park. Assisted by directing, ‘hapo, hapo, pindua miguu, etcetera na kadharika’. Needless to say, she nearly hit the wall and ruined the vehicle’s bumper, (whatever that is, I am just throwing words here so that you think I know cars). I remember my dad always telling my momContinue reading “My driving and I”

Destiny Master

I spent last week in hospital, with my two year old. Funny because, as we left for the hospital, I gave the hospital visit a duration of one hour tops. I mean, we would just go wait for the paed who would place the stethoscope on the little girl’s chest, tell her to breath inContinue reading “Destiny Master”

A cocktail of affairs

Don’t you get your antenna up expecting some juicy stuff at the mention of ‘affairs’. I forgive you. We are living in the age of love pentagons and serial killers. That aside. Today we get that impromptu public holiday whose significance we do not know. That means I get to sleep in. And dream. AndContinue reading “A cocktail of affairs”

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