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The journey home

Sometimes God speaks to us. In the voice of our conscience. Or what you may think is coincidence.  Like when a song keeps playing back in your mind and when you switch on the radio, the same song plays. Or when you feel so down and your eyes move to a wall hanging with words of encouragement. Continue reading “The journey home”

Small bro

“Mum, kuna kabrozer nimeona kazuri”That’s supposed to mean that he wants a small brother.  He has a problem with sound ‘th’ which he replaces with ‘z’. He has been shopping around for a brother and he thinks we can walk around and kidnap someone’s son to be his brother.  He has already chosen one forContinue reading “Small bro”

My son needs a therapist.

” Mum mbona haufanyi homework?” Homework here is this writing that I do. He has seen me get my notebook and place it under my pillow on various occassions. He thinks it’s my homework from the security guard at my workplace because that’s the person he meets when he visits. I tell him that theContinue reading “My son needs a therapist.”

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