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Writing and audience

I have a friend who prefers to write in obscurity. Maybe that’s the wrong word to use but what I mean is that she is her own audience. She has volumes of diaries, all hand written that she claims will be included in her will. She doesn’t do typing. She feels the flow of herContinue reading “Writing and audience”

His crazy mama

Crazy is not a word one should use to describe one’s mother. Not only is it not kind but also because we all walk around looking all sane but deep down we are as crazy as bats. We all have that one loose nut in our medulla oblongata.This story is not about a crazy motherContinue reading “His crazy mama”

The journey home

Sometimes God speaks to us. In the voice of our conscience. Or what you may think is coincidence.  Like when a song keeps playing back in your mind and when you switch on the radio, the same song plays. Or when you feel so down and your eyes move to a wall hanging with words of encouragement. Continue reading “The journey home”

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