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Yesterday, my two year old hid under the blankets and ate a whole can of petroleum jelly. It was not the first incident. I watched her and sympathized that her idea of fun is going up the wardrobe to steal petroleum jelly. Sympathized because of the much she was missing in her childhood. Sympathized becauseContinue reading “Tamarind”

The small still voice.

One day a ‘man of God’ visited a certain area and admired another man’s piece of land. Reminds you of Ahab and Naboth’s vineyard, right? So this ‘man of God’ sent word to the owner of the land. This was the message, ‘God’ had spoken to him and the man was to surrender the landContinue reading “The small still voice.”


That word up there means ‘circumcised’ just in case you were wondering. One of my village mates goes by that name. Something about him getting 12 sons like Jacob and no daughter. He must have believed circumcision had something to do with that so he called himself ‘mukire’ or ‘totally circumcised.’ I was wondering ifContinue reading “Mūkire”

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